So at age 37 I'm finally learning to sew. I've always been envious of those crafty people I've met who make this and that for themselves and their home - then I finally realised I should stop being envious and learn to sew myself. With the encouragement of my Mum and the help of sites like this about sewing for beginners, I've bought my very first sewing maching. I'm just waiting for it to arrive in the post - if I'm excited now, can you imagine how excited I will be when it actually arrives! I can't wait to share my first project. 
I'm an avid online shopper, I spend ALOT of time doing it! These are my top three online stores, what are yours?
1. - This is my go to place to buy jeans online, they have a HUGE selection from mid to high end designers. Free shipping and returns in awesome too.
2. - Love Etsy for unique, quirky handmade accessories. I could literally spend hours browsing this site. It's great to be supporting independent designers too.
3. - Awesome for shoes. Love the huge range, free shipping and free returns for 365 days. I always order about 5 or 6 pairs so I can try on a few and send back what doesn't fit. They have some awesome sales too.

Recently I've been shopping for a formal dress online, not something I've done before so I didn't really know where to search - I found this awesome list of stores to buy formal dresses online


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    July 2013