I'm an avid online shopper, I spend ALOT of time doing it! These are my top three online stores, what are yours?
1. Shopbop.com - This is my go to place to buy jeans online, they have a HUGE selection from mid to high end designers. Free shipping and returns in awesome too.
2. Etsy.com - Love Etsy for unique, quirky handmade accessories. I could literally spend hours browsing this site. It's great to be supporting independent designers too.
3. Styletread.com.au - Awesome for shoes. Love the huge range, free shipping and free returns for 365 days. I always order about 5 or 6 pairs so I can try on a few and send back what doesn't fit. They have some awesome sales too.

Recently I've been shopping for a formal dress online, not something I've done before so I didn't really know where to search - I found this awesome list of stores to buy formal dresses online


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